Mmm, mmm good...

We got that food that speaks to your soul... Soul Food.

mama said eat them greens

You know you can't have mac' n cheese without some collards greens! Our greens are made with smoked turkey. Straight phenomenal.

this food will fill you up

We provide nice healthy servings that won't break the bank. We can't promise you that you won't pop a button on your pants though!

A Taste of Heaven

We are a family owned restaurant in the great city of Brooklyn, NY.  As native Brooklynites, we know what you like to eat and provide the level of service you deserve.  Our staff members are well received in the community and we strive to make everyone feel at home.


So come grab a bite to eat, or swing by to experience some laughs and good ol' fun.  Our main ingredient is LOVE.


Hungry yet?

Let your mouth water no longer. Take a look at our menu and place an order.